On Sunday 28th June we had a visit from members of the Congregation of the French Protestant Church in Soho Square, London.

Pasteur Stéphane Desmarais and Thibault  Lavergne (President of their Consistory) and a party of 15 arrived at 12.30 for a picnic in the Precincts of Canterbury Cathedral.  Then they were given a short guided tour of the Cathedral followed by the regular Sunday Service in the Huguenot Chapel at 3.00pm.  We all repaired to Chom Chom for tea and cakes and a ‘great time was had by all’.

I was delighted that they all took such an interest in the main highlights in the history of Canterbury Cathedral and also our Stained Glass Ancestors Exhibition.  And the behaviour of the children was exemplary.

We hope this new found relationship will be the commencement of many exchange visits.

 Jan Leeming