You have come to this site either with an interest in the French Church, Huguenots, Walloons or the Black Prince’s Chantry.

Therefore you might like some links to other sites which could help further your search for information.

French Protestant Church, Soho Square, London.  Services every Sunday morning at 10.30 Pasteur - Stéphane Desmarais.   N.B. the link does not appear to work in Safari but does in Firefox

The New Huguenot Museum in Rochester 

Well worth a visit.  You will find the history of the Huguenots; fascinating artefacts including a Bible which was baked in a loaf of bread to hide it from the authorities; and various exhibitions.  It is not open every day so please check the website for opening times.  

The Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland

All manner of fascinating information about the Huguenots and how to discover whether your name is Huguenot being the name given to the Walloons and the French escaping religious persecution. Over a long period of time some 50,000 settled in England.  At a time when the population was only a few million this has led to the conclusion that 1 in 6 of the population is of Huguenot Ancestry.